Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Back in Prague!

So I am back in Prague for the long haul now. Looking forward to getting back to work on the film, but more importantly, I am looking forward to New Years Eve in the city. I was blessed with a wonderful Christmas celebration with the Nash family in England. Thanks all you guys! Peter, thanks for a legit Christmas! Although I wish I could have been celebrating with my immediate family over in the US, this was new and different and I will remember it for years. 

My beautiful grandmother hangin out with the chihuahua back in the States. Miss you bunches homeskillets.

OK, So back to work.

Ok, so now that I am back in Prague, expect to be seeing some significant work as my inspiration seems to have kicked back in....  finally. Word. So I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I wish you all a Happy New Year!


P.S. (Current State of the DJ Project) :-P

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Zbrush Sculpt Updated


So I am le tired, so I will take a nap....


So here is where the sculpt is at so far... I have gotten to the point where I am trying to imagine where to go next with him... I have a couple ideas, maybe throwing him in the same universe as one of my other characters. I like the way he is coming out.... kind of a DJ Ninja if you will. We will see what tomorrow brings :-D


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

ZBrush Sculpting Day 2

So now he is wearing a ski mask? I have plans for this one :-D

Peace homeskillets,

Monday, December 12, 2011

Return of the 30 minute ZBrush Sculpt Challenge!


Any of you Zbrush lovers out there, if you feel like being a little competitive with yourself, feel free to join me on this quazi-daily challenge. (I say quazi, because shit happens). When I was going to UCF, my friends and I would time ourselves for 30 minutes and start from a sphere or a box or whatever in Zbrush, and then work as fast as we could. After the 30 minute timer was up. We would compare eachothers' works and discuss. I found it a powerful way not only to tap your creative potential, but push your work speed to new levels but not overthinking the details.

Sometimes, I will work on the same sculpt for several days in a row. So if you think about it, and just make it a routine, one can get 3.5 hours of the fastest most intense work in Zbrush one could accomplish in one week, just by spending 30 minutes a day. No brainer :-D End of week = Awesome Character concept!

I have decided to continue said challenge and will post my ZSculpts here. Feel free to leave some of yours as well if you decide to join in!

Zbrush 30 minute sculpt for today.
I satarted from a rounded cylinder. I find this easier thatn starting from a ZSphere or 3dSphere bc the topology of the sphere mesh meets at both poles. Creating really odd geometry while sculpting. I like the way he is turning out at first. He was at some point a she during the sculpting process, but eventually that was discarded. I like that it still very much resembles a normal human face, but has weird skin flow near the temples  etc... We will see how this continues.

Peace and Love,



I have been planning on starting this blog since I headed out here to Prague, and have gotten a little too absorbed by everything that has been going on around here! So finally, I have taken it upon myself to start documenting my adventures over here as well as post any interesting information regarding Film, Animation, Video Game Production industries as well as anything else that seems worth posting. If you are reading this, thank you and I hope you enjoy the entries!


So, since October 17th I have been living and working in Prague, the Capital and largest city in the Czech Republic, with other talented artists at the Art and Animation Studio on the sequel to the Czech Republic's first 3d Animated Film, Goat Story. The sequel is called, Goat Story with Cheese. Due to NDA's I am unable to explicitly describe any of the story etc... but if you wish to check out the original film, it can be found on Netflix under, Goat Story. The first film centers around the building of the astronomical clock as well as some other drama surrounding the main story. It is quite an honor to be part of this film production.

As far as what Prague is like, I have actually never been to New York City, but if New York City existed in the Czech Republic, it feels like Prague would be the closest thing to it. It's interesting because it has the hustle and bustle of any large city, but with a deep and rich corner. That being said, there are definitely tourist shops around every corner trying to sell you the most useless crap, including some of those Russian Dolls that you put inside one another. I find this funny due to them NOT being Czech, but tourists with money will buy whatever is there to buy. They all play the same american pop songs as well to lure the young teens in s their parents with fat wallets watch on, and ready their credit cards.

This is definitely a party central kind of city. The clubs do not close or ask you to leave until around 7 or 8 am. Many people from the UK or other European countries travel to Prague for a weekend to party becuase it honestly is not that expensive. An airplane ticket from Prague to the UK and back during Christmas is approximately $300.00. So, I am sure there will be a whole lot of tourists here for what will be quite a crazy new years eve celebration....

Kozi Pribeh 2 (Goat Story 2)

The only thing that I feel I can release about the film is the trailer that the studio has already released. Here is the trailer to the original film, and the teaser to the sequel which is currently in production.

Kozi Pribeh 

Kozi Pribeh 2


So the first film follows Goat and Jemmy as they are newcomers to Old Prague. The film showcases several famous icons of Prague, such as Charles Bridge, and the Astronomical Clock. Quite cool to be working on the film and be able to walk down the street and see the clock that original film was focused on. The original film also focused on the legend of Faust. Faust was a highly succesful scholar, but being dissatisfied with his life, made a deal with the devil for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures in exchange for his soul.

Thanks for reading!

Much love,
Don Marks