Monday, December 12, 2011

Return of the 30 minute ZBrush Sculpt Challenge!


Any of you Zbrush lovers out there, if you feel like being a little competitive with yourself, feel free to join me on this quazi-daily challenge. (I say quazi, because shit happens). When I was going to UCF, my friends and I would time ourselves for 30 minutes and start from a sphere or a box or whatever in Zbrush, and then work as fast as we could. After the 30 minute timer was up. We would compare eachothers' works and discuss. I found it a powerful way not only to tap your creative potential, but push your work speed to new levels but not overthinking the details.

Sometimes, I will work on the same sculpt for several days in a row. So if you think about it, and just make it a routine, one can get 3.5 hours of the fastest most intense work in Zbrush one could accomplish in one week, just by spending 30 minutes a day. No brainer :-D End of week = Awesome Character concept!

I have decided to continue said challenge and will post my ZSculpts here. Feel free to leave some of yours as well if you decide to join in!

Zbrush 30 minute sculpt for today.
I satarted from a rounded cylinder. I find this easier thatn starting from a ZSphere or 3dSphere bc the topology of the sphere mesh meets at both poles. Creating really odd geometry while sculpting. I like the way he is turning out at first. He was at some point a she during the sculpting process, but eventually that was discarded. I like that it still very much resembles a normal human face, but has weird skin flow near the temples  etc... We will see how this continues.

Peace and Love,

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